The mayor of Xuzhou visit at Hongkang

On February 15th 2008, Mayor Cao Xinping and concerned government officials came to our company and handled the official business on the spot accompanied by the city Party committee, secretary of the Party committee of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, Management committee director Qin Jing'an, Deputy Mayor Wang Hao.
Mayor Cao and his fellows visit the Clean technologies Industrial Park, TsingTao Beer, Caterpillar, and Hongkang Bonded Logistics Center one by one. At the following conference, Mayor Qin jing an declared in the report on the work of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone. Directors of concerned department and Mayor Cao delivered their speech. 

Mayor Cao points out these during his visit: Recently, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone had made many breakthroughs in many areas, especially in the attracting foreign investment part. He also required that in the year of 2008, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone should catch the development opportunities of invigorating Xuzhou old industrial bases and the construction of Jing Hu express highway as well as the economic integration of Xuzhou and Lian yungang area. We should value the belief of fair competition, industrial promotion and function-oriented. Put more effort on open minding, new-model industrial way and hold the scientific strategy to development and continue the readjust the industrial structure. We also need to promote the investment and projects construction, led the way of Xuzhou economic development, make more contribution to the developmentof Xuzhou economy.