The opening of Xuzhou Hongkang Inland terminal

On March 18th, 2008, the straight one-way terminal under customs supervision in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone had held its opening ceremony. The straight one-way terminal is a very important commercial port in the east part of new Eurasia area. The facilities and software in it is provided by the affiliates of Hongkang Enterprise------Hongkang (Xuzhou) Logistics Ltd.

The inland terminal under customs supervision owning a comprehensive building of public bounded warehouse, one-site port warehouse, export warehouse, container yard, heat treatment & fumigating facility, truck fleet under customs supervision and inspection & quarantine. Its functions are equal to the port and bounded logistics zone.
Recently, Xuzhou Customs and Inspection & Quarantine stuff had performed official business in the area. Everything the port agency need is here. From now on, the import & export companies in Xuzhou can carry out their import & export procedures more convenient and efficient.