The practical operation of inland port presented by Jiangsu Lianyungang Port co.,Ltd and Hongkang Enterprise

On June 19th 2009, to put the strategic partnership agreement signed on last September between the government of Xuzhou and Lianyungang into practice, Mr. Yu xiangyang, the president of Lianyungang port Co.,Ltd and Mr Chen guangping, the vice president of Lianyungang Port Co.,Ltd visited XCMG and Hongkang Enterprise in Xuzhou.. The concerned parties negotiated the preparation work of the cooperation. Both parties agreed that there is an urgent need of Xuzhou area to establish a high-level inland port for the import & export economical development. Many practical operations will be made in resent days to speed the development of these two cities. On behalf of Xuzhou government, Mr. Zhang qiang, the deputy secretary general of Xuzhou government feast on the distinguished guest of concerned party at that evening.