Report: Preparation Survey on the "Forum of Main Leaders in the Freight Transport and Logistics Companies of Jiangsu Province" Northern Jiangsu Branch Meeting

On July 28, 2011, Mr You Qingzhong, head of Transport Department of Jiangsu and Mr Wang, director of Bureau of Transport held a symposium in Huaian to discuss with leaders of freight and logistics companies. The representatives introduced their companies and the existing problems and suggested that this industry needs guidance from the government and should improve the admission requirement. The law should be enforced and policies should support this industry. Enterprises should transform and update and the competition should be equal among different areas in the same industry. The representative from Hongkang attended and spoke on the meeting.
Mr You debriefed the reports and pointing out that:

  1. The comprehensive transport of Jiangsu is under construction, the key content is transport and logistics.
  2. In the 12nd five year plan, transport of Jiangsu focuses on 4 aspects: construction of railway, canal channel, comprehensive hub and transport system.
  3. To strengthen policy studies and promote the establishment of associations.
  4. Safety production, economic analysis, transform and expand, problem research and solving