Xuzhou Guanyin Airport opens the International Freight Business

27th in April, Xuzhou Guanyin airport held the opening ceremony for its International Freight Business. The ceremony was hosted by the vice secretary-general from Municipal Government and director from the Municipal Port Office Mr. Ma Lisheng, the vice mayor Mr.Zhou Baochun attended the ceremony, and made unveiling for Xuzhou Guanyin Airport International Freight Warehouse.

The international Freight Business open is one of the most important functions for Guanyin Airport of the first level port, and the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government paid much attention to it.

From 2011, Guanyin International Freight Department built and gained the qualification of the First Level Freight agency, it perfected the related system and procedures in international Freight, and passed the business acceptance from the competent authorities at all levels, such as the East China Bureau of Civil Aviation, CIQ in JIangsu and Nanjing Custom, possessed the factors to open the International Freight Business. At the same time, it had great cooperation with many companies like Taiwan Trans Asia Airways, Hongkang Logistics Ltd and Ports Logistics Services Ltd, got ready for the International Freight Business, and contacted with Shandong Beitaihe Pottery Co., Ltd to promote market research and organize commodity supply.

The first International Freight Business after the open ceremony on 27th in April is technology products from Shandong Beitaihe Pottery Co., Ltd transported to Taipei and then transferred to any countries around the world by Taiwan Trans Asia Airways.