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HK always focuses on the research and implement of Informationization logistics. Assisted by our subsidiaries, HK has set up a complete chain of logistics service based on Informationization transport system which start form the manufacturers to the final users. The subsidiaries and branches located in different cities can provide our customers with timely information by using the electronic logistics system. And our customers as well can rely on us to be the supplier of outsourcing. With many years development, HK has self-researched a series software applications regarding our business areas of Custom Broker, Inspection Declaration, International Freight Forwarding, Third-party Logistics, Management of Bonded Storage(Inland Port), COSCON container yard(Xuzhou), Import & Export Trading. By doing that, we have accumulated rich experiences on designing and operating.

Data Online Inquire

We believe that instant and reliable information feedback is the key to success in the logistics industry. We also believe that service tracking, file classification and analyzing is the channel to improve customer satisfaction. In order to serve our client better, HK developed our own Logistic Operation System by applying our professional knowledge and experience in logistic.

We provide following software supports:

  • to offer detailed lists of all categories of service, suppliers information to help you searching for a specific record.
  • to offer E-data and e-documents for all shipments.
  • to design specific mode of logistics system in accordance with customers' requirement.
  • to scan all shipment documents and send you the electronic files, including ID, Customs Clearance forms, invoices, orders , etc for your information


BizOne is a set of logistics management system based on B/S structure developed by Hongkang Enterprise. This system covers the complete management aspects of our company providing operator interfaces for our staff, clients, suppliers and the regulators. And the standard data-interface connects all these sections together to a system.

GPS Tracing

In order to master the transport information of our truck fleet, we installed GPS equipments on all transport trucks, that help us to know the real time positons and routes of our trucks at all times.

We want to meet our clients' needs concerning the time accuracy of the delivery. GPS system plays an great role in reducing delivery time and cost. By using this, we can guarantee our shipping services to be high quality, accurate and timely.