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LogisticsEstablished on 10th of April, 2003, Xuzhou HK Logistics Company Limited is one of key logistics enterprises of the first batch recognizes in Jiangsu, which locates at No. 2 of Jinshan Road of the Economic and Technological Development Zone and covers more than 200 mu. HK Logistics operates Xuzhou Customs Inland Port (Xuzhou land way port), Public Bonded Warehouse and Export Supervised Warehouse, which can provides customers from the enterprises of the Development Zone and around Xuzhou of goods reception, warehousing, packing, distribution, customs-supervised transportation. On 2nd of March, 2011, HK Logistics was identified as one of the 7 experimental drop and pull enterprises by the Development and Reform Commission and the Communication and Communications Department of Jiangsu Province.

On 6th of April, 2005, HK Logistics identified by ISO 9001:2000.

Yard and Storage Service

Yard and Storage ServiceXuzhou HK Logistics Co., Limited is a massive logistics management center allowing quick movement of your products by water, air, rail, or truck. We operate the general warehouse of 20,000 m2 and a China Customs bonded warehouse of 5,000 m2.

Customs Supervised Transportation

Haulage ServiceEstablished in 2003, HK Customs Supervised Transportation Service was initially involved in transport within Xuzhou and Lianyungang. The operation extends to the whole Jiangsu Province and Shanghai area, and has become one of the leading freight operators in Xuzhou.

The core business of the company is to transport between Xuzhou and Lianyungang and specialize in the transport of break bulk, container and oversized articles on special vehicles.


Bonded Warehousing

Bonded WarehousingDepended on our bonded warehouse & customs terminal, HK can provide the following services.

* Processing the imported cargo
* Cargo delivery
* Fuel, materials and maintenance parts used for int’l transportation
* Maintenance of imported parts and components
* The temporarily cargo storage of foreign capital company
* The cargo before Customs clearance
* Other cargo not Customs cleared but approved by Customs



Package Designing and Producing

Package Designing and ProducingHK owns a professional team with rich experiences of package design & manufacture for cargoes international transportation, and provides professional import & export service to its customers all the year round.