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Established in January 2011, HK Logistics Development Company Limited is the entity of construction, operation and management for Modern Logistics Service Hub in Huaihai Economic Zone. It locates on the north bank of Grand Canal in the east of Xuzhou and covers 1750 mu, which possesses zero-distance connection multimodal transport factors of road, railway and waterway, is a rare regional logistics center in the north of the Yangtze River Delta and 8 km to the CRH Station.

Port Operation

The bank line along the Grand Canal of the port functional zone in the logistics hub can extends 1800 meters; it has 11 multifunctional berths with 2000 tons and 10 free berths for parking, which can make handling, warehousing, transferring and collection and distribution of general cargo, containers and break-bulk cargo. At present, liners transportation can get Suzhou and Waigaoqiao, Shanghai from Xuzhou by the Grand Canal and the golden watercourse of Yangtze River, and can stop other ports on the way as required. The voyage time of liners is about 5 days.

Port Rail

Operation The port railway express functional zone in the logistics hub can be out by the Xuzhou Mineral private railway, which gets into the hub by four tracks from two bundles. This railway express liner can meet the arrivals of any cargo’s train and be equipped modernized fast handling system. This operational area can hold and send designated liners, special liners for luggage and mail and special cargo liners (mainly are cars, machinery equipment, and so on.) from domestic and international railway containers, also can realize zero-distance transferring of multimodal transport from railway and waterway.

Bonded Center

The bonded functional area in the logistics hub is realized by ‘Xuzhou Bonded Logistics Center (B)’ which approved by the National General Customs. This center locates in the west of the hub, covers an area of 300 mu and has independent Port Code which realizes the policy of bonded and tax refund in the area. Moreover, this logistics center can reach the customs convenience of customs clearance in 24 hours and declaration in batches.

Materials Exchange

The general cargo trade functional area in the logistics hub is realized by information platform provided by the logistics hub. Xuzhou locates at the provincial borders of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, and the railways of Jinghu, Longhai and the Grand Canal all pass here, so it has superior geographical location, which brings out favorable conditions for Xuzhou to be Modern Logistics Hub and General Cargo Trade Center in Huaihai Economic Zone.

Port Services

The port services function area in the logistics hub is endowed by the characters of Xuzhou bonded center and Xuzhou second-class opening port. It is equipped organic customs, CIQ and the port management unit, moreover, many enterprises of port, maritime affair, channel and all kinds of logistics are all here, which provides service security for all kinds of staff to the hub.

On 27th of April, 2012, the opening of the international airfreight business from Xuzhou to Taipei and Hong Kong in Xuzhou Guanyin international airport opened up new approach for airfreight for the hub’s customers.