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An equal opportunity employer

Talent PhilosophyBased on the concept “You can do right things only after you've learned to be a right man”,we want to create a mode for talent develop which is modern and satisfies the real need of the company. We emphasize staff’s skills in getting along with others and dealing with technological problems. Base on that, we make the career plan and train them to be “high responsibility, high intelligence, high quality” talents.

Mode of Team Development

  • Unity —— Sincerely cooperate and help each other to create a harmonious environment for the enterprise
  • Vigor ——Keep youthful spirits up and be passionate to maintain exuberant vitality for the enterprise
  • Innovation—— Radically innovate and be brave to break through to enhance core competitiveness for the enterprise
  • Initiative —— Forge ahead and be low-key and pragmatic to achieve sustainable development for the enterprise