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In order to build the talent team of our company, HR Center has founded a talent pool for training potential staffs who have been selected after assessment. The training center offers them career development plans and detailed development programs. There are strict evaluations during the process of training aiming to ensure the trainees are capable of responsibilities and their positions.

For the staffs who have been working in his position diligently for over 1 year, our company offers them opportunities of promotion. This policy would encourage our personnels to improve their competence actively and conducting themselves, thus work efficiency improved. In the meantime, the personnel system require HR to transfer average personnels to suitable positions or less important positons, that would help to decrease the sense of unfairness and smooth the HR's jobs. A new way to develop versatile talent was found. Internal training, reserving, promotion and external recruiting formed an excellent talent cycle of our Human Recourses.

Training Subjects

  • Communications: to enhance communications between personnels
  • Computer Skills: using computer to perform administrative and office tasks
  • Customer Service: to form an awareness that increased competition in the market makes it critical that employees understand and meet the needs of customers
  • Diversity: to explain how people have different perspectives and views and value diversity
  • Ethics: to increase a sense of social responsibility and moral understanding
  • Human relations: to get along well in the workplace when misunderstandings and conflict arise under the work stress
  • Quality initiatives: to introduce basic training about quality concepts, guidelines and standards
  • Safety: to keep safe when working with heavy equipments, hazardous chemicals
  • Sexual harassment: to describe the policies about sexual harassment and what are inappropriate behaviors

Benefits from Training

  • To increase job satisfaction
  • To increase motivation
  • To increase work efficiency and raise income
  • To increase the learning of new skills
  • To increase the ability of reformation and innovation
  • To reduce mistakes in work
  • To advertise company image